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Hello, and welcome to Brumby Junior School! Our vision is to provide a supportive, nurturing and safe environment where everyone is encouraged, challenged and enabled to learn, succeed and excel.

Within our happy school...
  1. We value, respect and accept everyone in our school and wider community.
  2. We keep ourselves, our school and each other safe.
  3. We nurture a life-long love of learning and prepare everyone for a successful tomorrow.
  4. We enable everyone to have a voice, listen and be heard.
  5. Challenge and support is at the heart of everything we do.
  6. We encourage personal responsibility.

Please read on to discover more about how Brumby Juniors encourages each pupil to learn, succeed and excel.


Achieving Success

Success comes in many shapes and sizes: for some it is the school’s success in tests or competitions that counts, whilst for others it is the everyday behaviour, effort and attitude of the pupils and staff.

At Brumby, not only do we focus on the ideals of academic, sporting and personal achievement, but also day-to-day small successes that make life in a school so rewarding. We ensure that pupils are taught how to make the most of their abilities in the long term: they are actively encouraged to challenge themselves and develop a “growth-mindset” where successes are based on effort and finding things difficult is seen as an opportunity to learn.


Attention to Detail

In our eyes, and those of our pupils, success is a result of hard work and attention to detail.

Pupils and families tell us they want to succeed and live happy, productive lives. This gives us the reason and opportunity to teach pupils to learn to develop a sense of control over their destinies: we want them to be proud of what they do in every lesson, during every minute of the day, and the way we do this is to teach them to take pride in their work by focussing on the details and success criteria for each lesson.

We are working hard to develop and nurture an ethic of excellence, based on high expectations and accurate, productive feedback.  


Challenge, support and collaboration

To achieve success through paying attention to detail, we teach our pupils to challenge, support and collaborate with others.

Pupils at Brumby seek out challenges, because being “in the learning pit” is a great place to be if they want to learn new skills or acquire new knowledge.

Of course, when they are challenged they need support. This comes from our Kagan strategies for collaborative work, where each child has a role and a responsibility which is understood by each member of the group. For example, when one child is giving feedback, another is expected to comment on the quality of the feedback given. Pupils relish these roles, and learn to express themselves politely, yet passionately, in a positive environment.


Personal choice and responsibility

We give pupils high-quality guidance, support, challenge and feedback at Brumby, yet ultimately we encourage children to learn to make the right choices and take responsibility for their own learning too.

We teach pupils the benefit of joining in, making an effort and becoming engaged in a task, giving them a chance to revel in the positive consequences which such positive attitudes bring. Conversely, we encourage pupils to see how their actions and choices can also have negative consequences too.

On the wall in our hall are the words: “You make countless choices in all that you do: those countless choices combine to make you.” We teach the belief that choices create futures, and positive choices create positive futures.