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We are constantly seeking to improve our curriculum and make lessons more useful and more engaging for our pupils. We want them to do well and achieve as much as they can, whilst also enjoying their work!

In terms of assessment, national grade-levels were removed in September 2015, and schools were expected to adopt a system which worked for them. Each school should have a system which enables teachers, pupils and parents to understand what is expected of them, in whichever year they work. If this system is effective, then each teacher, pupil or parent should be able to discover if a child is working at "age related expectations", and also if they are making progres.

Brumby's approach to this problem has been to carefully follow the curriculum from Y3 to Y6. Whilst we want to ensure that pupils have the best chance to reach age-related expectations, we also design lessons which are planned appropriately for the children based on their age, experience, knowledge and skills. This could mean that, although a child is in Y4, they may be working on work from the Y5 if they have shown that they are secure in all of the  Y4 objectives (in our experience, this is very, very rare in literacy but relatively common in mathematics). Inversely, they may also need some extra support with a skill or some knowledge which they have not yet mastered, and may therefore be working on a skill from Y3. All children learn, remember and forget throughout their time at school; our curriculum is designed (for all subjects) to let them know what they are learning, how this relates to their "age related expectation" and what they need to master next to move on.

Please use the links below to see PDF versions of our different curriculum areas:

Y3 Curriculum

Y3 Long term plan

Y4 Curriculum

Y4 Long term plan

Y5 Curriculum

Y5 Long term plan

Y6 Curriculum

Y6 Long term plan

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If you would like to know more about the curriculum which your child will study, please contact your child's class teacher.