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DN16 2HY

Ofsted rated as 'a good school'

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Who’s who?

Chair of Governors: Mrs G Hewitt
Vice Chair of Governors:Mrs J Moran
Headteacher: Mr P Foster
Deputy Headteacher: Mr S Tait
Deputy Headteacher: Mrs R Barley

Assistant Deputy headteachers:
Mrs J Wood
Mrs K Hargraves
Mrs L Fox
Mrs T Nicholson 
Special Educational Needs coordinator (SENco): Mrs L Tait
Y3 Teachers: Mrs J Wood, Mrs H Smith, Mr E Jacobs, Miss E Tagliati
Y4 Teachers: Mrs K Hargraves, Miss A Cooper, Mrs J Robinson, Mr D Martin
Y5 Teachers: Mrs L Fox, Miss H Raspin, Mrs A Benson, Mrs L Tait
Y6 Teachers: Mrs T Nicholson, Miss K Studd, Mrs S Bagley, Miss J Ledgerwood, Miss C Jollands, Miss L Pike
Other Teaching Staff: Miss N Hillman, Mr S Marvell, Mrs C Hodder
Teaching Assistants: 
Miss L Smith, Mrs H Hornsey, Mrs R Hoodless, Mrs M Haigh
Mrs C Potts, Mrs J Martin, Mrs M Brown, Mrs S Sunter, Mrs P Fletcher
Mrs D Kremin
Learning Mentors: Mrs J Cutillo, Miss C Power, Mrs P Smith 
Office Staff:
Business Managers: Mrs K Hewitt, Mrs C Jacklin
Administration Assistant: Mrs M Russell

Caretaker: Mrs J Lamming