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Headteacher's Welcome

Welcome to Brumby Junior School.

At Brumby, we aim to help your children to achieve, succeed and excel in whatever they do.

Our pupils are proud, careful and eager individuals who now have a high-quality, aspirational environment in which they can feel safe, learn and thrive. They come to school happy and that helps us to help them. We want them to be all that they can be.

Our curriculum and approach to teaching is constantly evolving as we learn more about how to help children succeed. Pupils have the opportunity to learn and master everything they need to in each year group, but lots more besides. Our staff are constantly learning too, and we think that we now have the makings of an excellent “product” to help your children realise their potential.

Areas such as our new classrooms with their integrated teaching walls, our brilliant library, technology rooms, hall and immersive space inside the brand-new state-of-the-art building allow children and staff work together to learn new skills and knowledge. Our outdoor spaces are hugely improved, with plans to create fitness, socialising, reading, board game and traditional game areas, as well as our own private park and perfectly smooth sports pitches. The provision inside, and planned provision outside, has transformed the atmosphere in school.

But, we have much, much more to do. Results need to be better because our children deserve the best. In the past we have improved year-on-year and succeeded in reaching and surpassing national targets, especially for our higher attaining pupils and those who may be disadvantaged. Whereas 2016 was a year where we did not. This, to us, is not good enough and the changes we have made since watching our pupils in Y6 struggle with the new, harder curriculum tests (SATs) in May 2016 has been very effective so far.

We are on a great path, with great pupils and great staff. We know that we can always improve, and we feel that this year will be the year that we improve the most!

Mr P Foster

Head teacher